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Here is how it went…

Martin Werle

Martin Werle, Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO

How it all started…

It was the fall of 2012 when Martin was searching for a special and innovative Christmas gift to give to his girlfriend. After a lot of brainstorming the idea of a nice scented candle with a hidden surprise came into mind. Back then this was a product no one could imagine.

People called me crazy. everyone would just laugh about my idea.

Martin Werle

Yet Martin continued to develop his ideas and founded JewelCandle in his Berlin flat at the age of 24! He started the process of buying wax platters, wicks and tried to find ways to hide the jewel in the wax.

Back then he produced every candle - with the help of friends - in his Berlin flat and especially his kitchen. Neighbors would wonder about the smell of vanilla in the whole house. Supermarket managers would ask why he kept emptying shelves of bbq sticks ... sounds crazy to you?

Sounds crazy to you?

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